Thanks for wanting to download.

Thanks for wanting to download ICEcoder. While it is 100% free, future develpoment relies on your donation.

Please consider donating as well as downloading. Thanks.

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Supports these languages...
HTML CSS LESS JavaScript CoffeeScript PHP Ruby Python Markdown C/C#/C++, Erlang, Java, Lua, Rust, SQL and more!

So, what's ICEcoder?

ICEcoder is an open-source code editor, which provides a modern approach to building websites. By allowing you to code directly within the web browser, online or offline, it means you only need one program (your browser) to develop sites, plus can test on actual web servers. After development, you can also maintain the website easily, all of which make for speedy and smart development.

Because it can be web based you can use it from any internet enabled computer with a modern browser and because it's open-source, customise it to your liking, integrating with online services. If you'd like to use it as a desktop code editor, no problems, you only need PHP 5.0+ (though 5.3+ is recommeded), so you can use on Linux and on PC via WAMP or XAMPP and Mac via MAMP (or another PHP installation).

ICEcoder was created because web devs (like myself) always complained their code editor didn't do exactly what they like. They're often bloated with features, slow and awkward. Conversely, ICEcoder is lightweight (zip is around 0.4mb) and boots in seconds (often 1-2s). Oh, and it's also free. Enjoy!

In the ICEcoder Community...

ICEcoder interviewed by Startacus

Gave a rare interview to the jolly nice folks at Startacus, an interesting read hopefully!

ICEcoder Desktop v0.1 released!

PC .exe version of the ICEcoder web app now available to run and edit any file on your PC!

Minor fix needed in upgrade from v4.0 to v4.1

A minor tweak to code is needed for those upgrading from v4.0 to v4.1. Takes 10 seconds to apply.

ICEcoder 4.1 released! Huge update!!

Contains GitHub integration, multiple selections, auto-closebrackets and much more

Linux Dash plugin added

provides some great, low overhead monitoring of the Linux server you're running on

ICEcoder stuff to buy!

You can now support the ICEcoder project by buying tshirts, USB keys and more from the shop

Pesticide plugin added

Outline your DOM elements with colored borders for fast dev & debugging

@icecoder twitter account

We've generously been given the @icecoder Twitter username because the former owner loves ICEcoder

Code editor features

While it looks simplistic on the surface, ICEcoder packs a whole load of features and plugins to make coding slick & efficient.

Some of the best include:

use online or locally
use online or offline Use it online from wherever you are, but it also runs under localhost too as a desktop solution.
broken tag indicators
broken nesting indicators An indicator shows if you have a broken tag structures and highlights where errors occured.
themes 16 highlighting themes come as standard but you can easily make your own with a CSS file.
find & replace builder
find & replace builder Find and replace can be applied to the current or all open documents, plus filenames & files.
secure login
login ICEcoder can be setup wherever you wish and is login secured to help keep your files safe. It's multi user too!
type boosters
type boosters Plenty of coding assist is available such as Emmet, close tag completion and tag wrappers.
nest display & selection
nest display & selection A nesting display shows your cursor position, hover over them to highlight, click to select.
linting with JS Hint as you type
linting with JS Your JavaScript code is linted with JS Hint as you type to ensure good coding practises.
manage your MySQL databases
manage your MySQL databases MySQL database management is easy with the Adminer plugin. It's like phpMyAdmin, but better.

What's new in v 4.1

GitHub path setup & clone repo, multiple selections, print function, selection undo/redo, multiuser & registration toggles, Pesticide plugin, Linux Dash plugin, plugins indicate reload needed and reload, unsaved changes indicator in title, test requirements script added, new XSS protection filters added, on save process file available, dir properties show sub-dir and file counts, auto-closebrackets on typing, insert line before & after shortcuts plus lots of bugfixes & tweaks!

Ready to install ICEcoder?

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Get ICEcoder

Step 2: Place in your document root (online or local)

(Note: A small number of hosts give internal server error here, if you get this, try 755 instead)

Step 3: Start coding

Now you're setup, auto-logged in and ready to code!

download v4.1

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...and nice things people have said about ICEcoder...

"Browser code editor awesomeness : ICEcoder"

© 2014 Matt Pass. All usage of ICEcoder is entirely your own. I'm not responsible for anything, please view README and LICENSE files in download zip.