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ICEcoder 8.1

It's completely free!

Downloads > exe (Windows executable)

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Below you can find the experimental "ICEcoder Desktop" solution, built for Windows and using an older version of ICEcoder (v6.0).

It is marked as ICEcoder Desktop v0.2 as it's an early version that still requires evolving and much testing.

While useful and appears to work well, it is advised to only use in testing environments for now.

Future versions will include the latest ICEcoder and an install wizard.

Zip download:

Download ICEcoder Desktop v0.2

File type: ZIP

File name:

Status: Experimental


Unzip the file into a test environment.

Double click the ICEcoder.exe file to view ICEcoder, sign in and start coding!


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Affinity Solutions AT&T Cisco Facebook Ford AU IBM

Iron Mountain MongoDB Netgear Target Visa Zipplin

...and nice things people have said about ICEcoder...

Thanks for all your hard work. You have one of those enabler technologies here that makes people more productive and contributes to the increasing rate technological progress.
Jeremy Sonander