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ICEcoder 8.1

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Latest release info at ICEcoder

8.1 packed in a some really great features, but most importantly - loads of tweaks and bug fixes. These ironed out some annoyances to make it a better and more stable solution overall. So what did we include?

Regex filter added to find & replace builder

You can now find in open files, filenames and files using a regex search pattern. Who said regex was hard?

Regex pattern validator

There's validation on the find input box now where it'll highlight red if brackets aren't balanced or you do something that would be a real regex problem.

Double clicking open tabs gets you more focus

The file manager will collapse on double clicking an open document tab, giving you more space and focus. Double click again to re-show the file manager.

Clickable warning label if not a valid root dir set

To help you get a custom root dir path correct, rather than show no dirs/files, it will inform you the path is invalid and is clickable to get back to settings to adjust.

FTP manager removed from ICEcoder

FTP management didn't work anywhere near as well as local files and had to go. The world has moved on and there's better ways to create a site anyway!

Login and demo modes now isolated

If login is not required, you're automatically logged in - also works if you change setting and refresh.

Consistent & clearer password rules

Password setting display & input is consistent, both react the same and are clearer about rules

Active line number highlighted

The active line now has line number highlighted, according to theme group (light, dark, other)

Set your scroll speed

Go to line Scroll speed added as a setting in Settings > General

Decide if you want to auto find results on keypress

Select next result on find input added as a setting in Settings > General

Bug reporting - active on install

Bug reporting now enabled for ICEcoder's own error.log file. You can add your own too!

First user is admin

First user has username of admin, to help with going multi-user later, displays name on setup screen

The smaller items

A lot of other small changes have been made in this version, too small to detail fully but worth noting, including...

UI tweaks

    Lots of things added:

  • C's header files (.h extesion) now recognised as C files also
  • Show filename in dialog when asking if you want to remove
  • Show filename now when closing an unsaved tab, helpful if closing all
  • Find results bar now always shows lines (previously stopped if too many) and much more performant too
  • Root dir updated on system info display when updated in settings
    For the style conscious:

  • Remove slightly transparent BG alpha from 3 themes (Emacs Strict, Iplastic and Made of Code)
  • Better looking bug reports
  • Arguments tooltip cuts off at 200 characters to avoid overwhelming info
  • Find results bar current line now blue (previously red) and also fixed position to be correct
  • Color picker from CSS value works with RGBA now and is also case insensitive
  • Change bug reporting icon if now disabled
    Better behavior:

  • .git, node_modules set as banned files (for file manager, searches etc)
  • Check we can shell_exec before usage in editor, settings screen, terminal and run tasks.
  • Switch back to accounts tab if on another and password invalid according to rules
  • Only index files that have a text/* MIME type
  • Find is now case insensitive
  • Fixed filename links to work in multi file find and regex find &aamp; replace bold working correctly
  • No logout option if you're not logged in
  • Ensure we have function data before considering tooltips
  • Better handing of find and gotoline when 0 docs open more that we've likely forgotten.

There's been a lot of code tweaks too. So many we'll just list them as a block:

Removed v before version number in all places. Adminer database manager updated from 4.7.3 to 4.8.0 and using plugin to display in frame. Login page shows demo mode icon in top right. Check ZipArchive plugin is avalable before showing available plugins. Automatically setting logged in state not based on demo mode or non empty password now, now isolated settings. New version settings used as base and user settings layered ontop to avoid missing data in user config files. Better terminal line wrapping. Account for file manager width when positioning tooltip. Improve key handling with search results. Don't force session data to be stored in ICEcoders /tmp dir. Set own session ID to avoid conflicts with other platform session IDs eg Wordpress. Reject any session ID that was user provided and not generated by the session. Regenerate session ID to avoid fixation or hijacking. Only allow cookie via http protocol (ie, not JS) access to the cookie. Now considers banned and excluded dirs/files in path not end dir/file name in path. Skips displaying dirs when finding in files.

We also got the virtual bug spray out and fixed:

Fix update message display to understand going from beta to full version. Go to line works with folded ranges when auto smooth scrolling. Fix array keys in theme names which use casings. Add fallback to selected files array in multiple results searches. Avoid language array item value clashes. Change bug reporting message location text in all languages. If there are no find results, don't clear selections. Fixed close tab state being stuck when clicking close. Tooltip z-index now higher so it's not displayed under other page items. XSS issue resolved on multiple-results.php. Handling file & dir names with special characters better. Better input width for terminal command input line. Fix issue with file:line format in open requests and Windows drive path seperater (C:/ etc). Fix filenames in multiple results pane and add consistency to text line underneath. Resolve file upload error & perms not being set due to int used as octal string. Lots of bug fixes and edge cases resolved in find & replace. Clear results message and results bar when closing down last open file. Not skipping results when replacing now. Stop top level dir selection being stuck on load till mouse over a dir/file.

...we did say a lot went into this release! :-)