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ICEcoder v6.0 beta

14 day trial, $10 to unlock

Latest release info at ICEcoder

Here's some info detailing what's so great about the latest release - details of features and improvements...


We've replaced the traditional scrollbar with a minimap now of your documents content to give you a clearer picture when scrolling.

Other scrollbars now more modern

The traditional native scrollbar has been replaced in the editor with a transparent blue bar, giving it a fresher look.

Function and class explorer

You can switch from the minimap view to a function/class list view, which lists all of these and are clickable to get to that section in your file.

Built in terminal

Previously this was avaiilable as a plugin, but has been reworked and is part of ICEcoder itself now, just click the icon next to function/class explorer.

Delete to tmp dir

By default now, when you delete, it will actually move your deleted file/dir to ICEcoders tmp dir, but you can revert to fully deleting from settings.

The smaller items

A lot of other small changes have been made in this version, too small to detail fully but worth noting, including...

  • Fix to jamming editor when changing attributes in self closing tag
  • Autocomplete no longer on unlock code field
  • XSS and code injection tweaks in a few areas
  • php.ini removed as caused some issues on some servers
  • Preserve whitespace in filenames in file manager
  • Microtime added to image preview to avoid caching
  • Better error handling for CURL and fopen connection errors
  • Git commits are base64 encoded and has ICEcoder name and email
  • No linewrap and space indentation are now defaults more that we've likely forgotten.

Hope you love the new version, don't forget to spread the word and let us know your feedback.

Try the online demo

ICEcoder v6.0 beta

14 day trial, $10 to unlock and keep