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ICEcoder 8.1

It's completely free!


ICEcoder is easy to pick up the basics of. However, there's so much more to it than basic usage and you can find plenty of hidden gems to make your coding life easier.

Here we've detailed some of our favorites so you may master ICEcoder usage...

Shortcut magic

  • Use CTRL/Cmd + Alt + left/right keys to jump between file manager and editor panes
  • When focused on the file manager, use the up/down/left/right arrow keys to navigate and Enter to open
  • CTRL/Cmd+ ` to collapse/expand the file manager
  • CTRL+Backspace to jump back to previous tab

File trickery

  • Drag and drop files/dirs from the file manager into the editor to paste in the file path. Plus, hold CTRL/Cmd before releasing to paste an absolute path
  • Double click an image to display it, hover over it to reveal an hex/RGB eyedropper
  • Drag and drop files into dirs, holding CTRL/Cmd before releasing will copy them into that dir
  • Rename an open file and the tab name will change, or delete an open file and the tab closes more getting out of sync
  • Middle click tabs to close them
  • Double click a tab to expand/collapse file manager
  • Click the number of backups to bottom left of editor to get to version control and restore old versions

Editing goodness

  • Press CTRL + mouse click to create multiple cursors and type to affect all. Hold Alt + mouse click-drag to set a selection area to change
  • Select text and press CTRL/Cmd + i to search for that selected text in a context aware way
  • Press CTRL/Cmd + Enter to open a live editing window. Carry on coding and watch the window update in realtime if you're editing HTML, CSS or JS
  • Use CTRL/Cmd and then up/down to shift lines up/down. You can also use CTRL/CMD + +/- to add/remove lines or parts of lines
  • Esc key to comment/uncomment lines or parts of lines
  • CTRL/Cmd + Alt + a to wrap selected text in an <a href=""></a> tag, with the cursor placed
  • Place your mouse cursor on a colour within a CSS file and it'll show a colored block to indicate the color. Click that to open the color picker
  • Open any file, even from other websites. Press CTRL+o and type '' then hit the button to get the Google Home page
  • Check back through your save points by opening the diff code pane, focus on the diff pane and press CTRL+Z/Y to undo/redo. Each save point is a new change!
  • CTRL+right click to jump to a class or functions declaration
  • Hold F1 key to "zoom out" all non class or function declaration lines, release to return to normal

Making ICEcoder fit you

  • Change the settings under Settings to suit your coding, style and account preferences
  • Click the Git link towards bottom left and start running the server task to get server feedback such as Git diffs
  • Click the plugins icon (or move mouse to left edge of file manager) and quickly install a variety of plugins to suit you
  • Add your own code to files in the /classes/_ExtraProcesses.php file and have ICEcoder run your code also on events such as save, open, login and many more

Got another favorite ICEcoder tip/trick you'd like us to mention?

Let us know by getting in contact.