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ICEcoder v6.0 beta

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Below you can find the current downloads within this release of ICEcoder.

It's recommended to download the latest stable version, but older version are available should you want them.

Latest stable version

Download ICEcoder v 6.0 beta

ICEcoder v6.0 beta Minimap added and modern scrollbars, function and class explorer, built-in terminal, delete to tmp, updated editor plus lots of improvements and fixes. Free 14 day trial 523kb zip Download v6.0 beta
ICEcoder v5.7 Tag syncing, improved code diff, restore old backups to new version plus lots of tweaks and fixes Free 14 day trial 504kb zip Download v5.7
ICEcoder v5.6 FTP manager added, settings to control style and layout of edit plus other small updates and tweaks Free 14 day trial 501kb zip Download v5.6
ICEcoder v5.5 Improved and fixed save issues, auto-logout setting added plus session keep-alive added also, match brackets added, security fixes and many other small updates and tweaks Free 14 day trial 496kb zip Download v5.5
ICEcoder v5.4 New lightning quick save system, LZ compression on save also, improved code folding, faster loads, fixed saves sometimes jamming, 10 new themes, drag cursor icons, version control improvements plus lots of minor tweaks, bug fixes and improvements Free 14 day trial 497kb zip Download v5.4
ICEcoder v5.3 Version controlled backup & restore available, most FTP functions now set up, and lots of minor fixes and improvements Free 14 day trial 470kb zip Download v5.3
ICEcoder v5.2 FTP list, open and save files now possible, simultaneous tag changing (works with multiple selections too), editor style tweaks, HTML tag structure error highlighting, tabbed settings section, preview window now chromeless and API controllable, checkExists function added, enhanced process reporting with type and existence, plus lots of enhancements & bug fixes Free 14 day trial 463kb zip Download v5.2
ICEcoder v5.1 Find/replace cycling now with CTRL+F/G for next/previous, 5x zoom helper on image eyedropper, can open remote files and go to line now, better bug handling with friendly messages and console.log error info, ino files for Arduino plus plenty of bug fixes and other enhancements Free 14 day trial 457kb zip Download v5.1
ICEcoder v5.0 Amazing new major release, including autocomplete on keypress for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and more, new themes, open file accepts line numbers also, configurable auto-indent, improved active line coloring, fixes to trial period and sessions, more tooltips and clearer also, find improvements and loads of bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements Free 453kb zip Download v5.0
ICEcoder v5.0 beta All file processes except load now via XHR, Portuguese (BR) language available, new default theme, session improvements, scale 0.5 with user-scalable=no for mobile use, stop caching with headers and microtime on URLs, plus lots of bug fixes, security tweaks and improvements Free 433kb zip Download v5.0 beta

Older versions of ICEcoder can be found on the GitHub repo: