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ICEcoder 8.1

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Issues setting up ICEcoder?

Very occassionally users do have issues with setting up ICEcoder, but thankfully this only seems to be around 1% of the time.

Stil, we like to do all we can to get those having problems up and running as easily as possible. To the right we list any known issues with the current version, plus things you can try if you're troubleshooting.

Session paramters
If you have PHP session issues, it'll likely be server related more than an issue with ICEcoder (we've helped 100's of people and every one has been a server issue). However, if you wish to check out and tweak the PHP session parameters you can find them in lib/settings-common.php.

Can't get plugins/update ICEcoder
ICEcoder will attempt to get files it needs from the website, so you will need either allow_url_fopen or curl to be enabled on your server. Once it has downloaded a file, it'll need to unzip it, so need to have zipArchive enabled also. Ensuring this is the case usually resolves issues here.

Internet Explorer 11 and CSRF
This strangely seems to only affect IE and is regarding ICEcoders CSRF (Cross Source Request Forgery) protection. We're working on a fix for this also, but if you experience this, you may want to consider commenting out lines 19-28 of lib/headers.php to stop it enforcing CSRF protection.

Server error after trying 775 and 757
Some web servers only seem to like running when the dirs are set t 755, a sensible permissions setting for them. Try setting 755 on the backups, lib, plugins, test and temp dirs.

Having a major usage issue?
We want to hear about it!

However, we can resolve issues that much quicker with some info. Please open your dev tools by pressing F12 and clicking on the Console tab. Now hold CTRL (or Cmd) and press F5 to force a reload. Attempt to do exactly what you did before and watch for any error messages in the Console.

If you're having an issue with file paths in some way, you can open the global settings file in the data dir and change fileDirResOutput from 'none' to one of the settings mentioned (raw, object, both) to have it output lots of debug info that may help pinpoint issues.

If there aren't any, check for errors in the data/error.log file in ICEcoder's working dir. Provide the error info to us, along with details on what you were attempting to do, with as much concise detail as possible, plus the browser you're using and web server type and version you're running ICEcoder on. This'll all help us figure out what's up that much quicker.

We hope to get you up and running ASAP.