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ICEcoder v7.0

It's completely free!

Awesome Features

ICEcoder comes packed with a load of features, some you'd expect and some new things you've likely not seen before.

It's always evolving so ensure you check back to grab the latest version.

Languages Supported

HTML CSS JavaScript CoffeeScript CoffeeScript PHP Ruby Python Erlang Go Sass Java Julia
SQL MySQL YAML XML Markdown C Less C++ C# Typescript Perl Lua

The Basics

  • Context aware code highlighting
  • Desktop like file manager
  • Document tabs indicate current doc & changes made
  • Code folding
  • Bracket Matching
  • Browser based, can run online or offline
  • FTP or local/remote file editing & management

Language Support

  • HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python & many more!
  • Easy to support over 60 other languages

Useful Feedback

  • Found match & current position counter
  • Indicates content type cursor is on
  • Displays nest position of text cursor, hover to select, click to set cursor
  • Nest structure OK/broken indicator
  • Colour preview block on CSS colours, ie red, #f00 or RGBA(255,0,0,0.5)
  • Live bug reporting system
  • Tests requirements and displays system errors in page

Time Savers

  • Live editing
  • Multiple selections
  • Smart tab key system (selected lines are auto-indented)
  • Open last files on load
  • Code Assist system
  • Go to line number as you type in goto line input box, Enter to focus
  • Adds end tags as you type and in a context aware way
  • See arguments on functions & classes by hovering mouse cursor between brackets
  • Diff pane with insert, changed and removed lines highlighted
  • Autocloses brackets and quotes as you type
  • ESC = Comment/Uncomment line, incl partial lines
  • CTRL+click = Jump to a functions declaration
  • CTRL+Backspace = Jump back to previously selected tab
  • HTML & JavaScript code hinting
  • Tag wrappers
  • File uploader, plus supports multiple files
  • Jump to definition shortcut
  • Simultaneous tag editing


  • Account login to help keep online files secure
  • Multi domain config settings
  • Restrict files, ban files and restrict by IP
  • Multi user, dev and demo modes
  • Password encryption with Bcrypt
  • Strong password rules (10 chars, uppercase, lowercase, number and special)


  • Settings to change behaviour, functionality & style
  • Control multiple users and registration
  • Plugin manager
  • Template based config files
  • Add your own custom processes in JS or PHP
  • Output whatever you wish to the output pane, such as a result after processing

Groundbreaking Features

  • Find & replace builder to apply to current doc, open docs, files & filenames
  • Highlight word and press CTRL+I to Google search that
  • DOM element highlighting with the Pestcide plugin
  • Can rename open files (whoaah!)
  • CTRL+Enter open current webpage in new tab
  • Code Zooming - hold F1 key to "zoom out" all non class or function lines
  • Version control system to backup upon save and allows easy restore
  • Database management built in
  • Sass and LESS compiling on save plugins
  • Intelligently indexes classes & functions routinely every 3 secs
  • Github integration to clone, pull, commit & sync repos
  • Linux terminal plugin
  • Image viewer with hex & RGB eyedropper
  • Alphanumeric tab sorting
  • Farbtastic color picker integrated
  • Open remote file content
  • Function/class explorer

Plus lots of other great features. The best way to test all of this out is to of course download ICEcoder...

Download v 7.0