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ICEcoder 8.1

It's completely free!

Downloads > git

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Below you can find links to the GitHub zips for the latest master branch (not necessarily stable) and latest release (8.1) versions of ICEcoder.

You can of course also clone the git repo, the more usual method.

Zip download:

Download ICEcoder (latest)

File type: ZIP

File name:

Status: Latest

Download ICEcoder 8.1

File type: ZIP

File name:

Status: Stable


Via Zip:

Unzip the file into your wwwroot (document root) dir for your website (this is typically /var/www/html/).

Via git clone:

Clone the repo into your wwwroot (document root) dir for your website (this is typically /var/www/html/) via:

git clone /var/www/html/icecoder


You'll need to ensure both the ICEcoder dir and the wwwroot dir have permissions to read, write and execute. This can be done by changing permissions (using chmod), but it it safer and so better, to use chown:

chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/html

This will recursively set the www-data user as both the owner and group users for files on the /var/www/html dir (which ICEcoder dir is of course inside of, at say /var/www/html/ICEcoder).

Now you can visit to view ICEcoder, sign in and start coding!

Tip: If using ICEcoder locally, you can use:

php -S localhost:8080 get PHP to start a simple web server. You can then visit localhost:8080/ICEcoder


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ICEcoder has been used by awesome people at...

Airbus AT&T Collider Dell General Electric IBM

MongoDB Mattel NASA Staples Verizon Zipplin

...and nice things people have said about ICEcoder...

I think the idea of streamlining the development environment is a great idea. Enter ICEcoder: all you need is a browser.
Kevin Wojkovich